My name is Bec and I have been in the industry since 2005, gym instructing, personal training, running outdoor groups, and getting new mums back into shape. I have also had the chance to experience fly in fly out working with some great people on site, running 12 week challenges and assisting in meal planning. Which we all know 80% of our success in weight loss is a direct result of what we eat.

I have worked with so many different people with all different goals and it wasn’t too long before I found my core focus which was to assist women with their health and fitness goals including pregnancy, and getting new mums back into shape. After working for various organisations as a personal trainer I decided to start my own business called Body Burn in 2010, running group training, private personal training sessions and small groups.

I am very passionate about health and fitness and I have been doing continuous training in that time to provide the best service to my clients. I love to mix it up and provide a variety of different training tools and methods to continuously shock the body.

I love what I do, and the most rewarding part of my job is seeing my clients get the results they want and have a more positive outlook on life. After all we want to enjoy being active and not see it as a chore. 

I look forward to every session as I get to meet new Mums and there cute bubba’s.  I love seeing friendships being made and mums getting that post workout buzz. 

Many people do ask why did I become a PT?

I have been a very active person most of my life with the inspiration of my parents. They can certainly show you that you can be fit and healthy at any age. Even with 3 kids! 
I did a lot of team sports along with athletics & surf club. Growing up I watched on the side lines as my parents completed many solo and team triathlons, half iron man’s and group activities. They were always out on the bike, or out for a run. It was inspiring! Throughout high school I also joined a gym and absolutely loved group exercise classes and learning new things in the gym. I walked out feeling invigorated and on such a high. Those positive and motivating people helped me achieve my goals and I felt like part of the family there. This is what I hope to offer others. An amazing and supportive crew of women that enjoys working hard and will commit to achieving their own goals. We can achieve anything if we put our minds to it! Having the right positive and motivational people around you will get you anywhere!

Consistency is key, to get those results it takes time. Get on board with us and it will change your life. Balanced training sessions and the right advice is right here.

Let’s focus on eating healthier, getting fitter and stronger safely, having fun while doing it and your appearance will change as a result of that.

Follow us and we will help get you there.


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