Here are just some of what my happy clients are saying

I have been training with Bec at Body Burn Personal Training for 16 months. I have participated in both group training (Bootcamp) and personal training sessions in this time. I can honestly say I have never felt happier mentally and physically since starting with Bec. The program’s provided are personalized depending on your goals and fitness levels. The training environment is warm, welcoming, motivating and most importantly judgement free. The bootcamp group is more like family and good friends than training partners, and everyone encourages and helps each other when it gets tough. Bec is so knowledgeable in the fields of not only fitness but nutrition and wellness, and is always willing to help you reach your goals in any way she can, often going above and beyond to ensure you’re staying on track and achieving what you set out to achieve. Bec has inspired me to start running and with her support I am now running 15-20kms a week, an achievement I never thought possible. Throughout my time at Body Burn I have had ongoing health issues that have slowed my progress, but Bec never gave up on me. I definitely would not be in the position I’m in now with my fitness level if it wasn’t for Bec and her patience, motivation and inspiration.
Briohny O’Malley



For the last 2 and a half years, Bec has been my Personal Trainer and Boot Camp instructor. I had a goal of losing weight, toning up, and gaining more motivation…. Bec helped me achieve ALL of that!

 Bec is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, professional and super friendly. She always has a smiling face and positive attitude to get you going. Not only am I achieving my goals with Bec, I am loving my workouts and look forward to seeing what exercises she has in store for me.

 After 6 months of training with Bec, she asked if I would be interested in completing a 5km fun run. I replied with “Me?! No way, I can’t run!”. However, she persisted and ensured me that I could. She was so excited to see me succeed. With Bec’s knowledge on training, eating plans and encouragement, I was able to complete the 5km fun run (with Bec cheering me on at the finish line). I was ecstatic!! With further training I have gone on to complete 10km and 12km fun run’s. I thank Bec so much for getting me hooked!

 Thanks to Bec, I am feeling the best I’ve felt in years and I have gained so much knowledge from her, including correct training techniques, better eating habits and overall happiness. I am so lucky to have found her and I’m sticking with her!

 Katelyn Anderson


I started Bootcamp with Bec from 2012 and soon became addicted. Having not done a lot of consistent training in the past, I found Bec to be really encouraging. She tailored her exercises and direction to suit all the participants of different levels. Soon I started PT with Bec as well as getting back into running! I started to feel so much better both physically and emotionally AND I lost weight and toned up! Everyone around me noticed too! I only stopped because I moved away from Bunbury to Perth. I haven’t found a trainer yet like Bec and I couldn’t speak more highly of her encouragement, commitment and dedication to her profession! Wish I was still training with you Bec!!



December 2011
Rebecca was my personal trainer for a period of 8 months. As a consequence of her personalised training program and dedicated support, I successfully lost 7kg and over 5% total body fat during this period. Rebecca was always able to positively motivate me and was very clever at judging how hard to train me in order to gain the maximum benefit from each session. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone considering a personal trainer. 

Stephanie Devenish


 12 December 2011

I confirm that I have known Rebecca (Bec) Davey for 2 years.
I am a member of the Goodlife Health Club (formerly The Healthy Life Gym) in Cottesloe, Perth and twice a week Bec was my personnel trainer.
As a result we have become great friends and we will all miss Bec’s bright and cheerful face at the gym.  Bec is kind, reliable, conscientious and extremely hard working.  The training programmes she made up were always varied and challenging and my programme suited me specifically because of a previous back injury. 

I wish Bec all the best in her next venture and I would be happy to provide further information if required.

Brenda Moore


2nd December 2011

Bec has been my personal trainer for over a year at Healthy Life in Cottesloe and she has shown pure dedication to shaping my body into gear and persevered with me and made me train harder each time to reach my goals.   
I have noticed a complete body change in my tone and well-being and friends have even commented how good I am looking.
Bec gave me a mixture of weight training, cardio and boxing each week which worked every part of my body.
I will miss seeing her smiley happy face at the gym !

Chaise McHenry



December 2011

Thank you Bec for your training over the last two years. I really do appreciate the effort you put in and getting me motivated to come along to the Gym.
As you know I am not the one to want to spend time on a treadmill but after several sessions with you, I started feeling better for myself and the health benefits of regular training.
You also reinforced the importance also of eating well. Jumping on the scales each week or so really was the bottom line for me. With and out of control eating habit and expanding waistline I had to do something to keep up some level of basic fitness to be enable to do the sports I really want to do, Kitesurfing and  surfing.
Thanks again Bec.



I started 2010 as a 6 week post natal/post c-section blob! Bec put me through my paces with a varied exercise regime specific to me. She supported me with great training and nutritional advice and monthly measurements and weigh ins – a sure way of keeping my motivation up. 

 I reached my goal weight losing about 10 Kgs and 10% body fat and approx 65cm in total from everywhere dropping 3 dress sizes! I completed a 14 km and 10km running race with personal best times. I returned to the UK a year later a new woman.  A year on I have managed to keep the fitness up and the weight off with the advice and tips Bec taught me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get my fitness and figure back on track post baby.

 Thanks Bec – you are a star!

Julia Walton

 My daughter and I have both trained with Bec for over a year before we sadly had to say goodbye as she moved down south.  During this time I have personally achieved weight loss, increased motivation, nutritional advice, toning and shaping.  My fitness goals have always been a priority for me and I wanted to pass this love of health and fitness to my 14 year old daughter.  I asked Bec to assist as I know I didn’t want my daughter to be lost in the gym not knowing what to do and how to get there.  Bec became a wonderful mentor and friend to my daughter, observing and creating  a dramatic transformation in her physically and emotionally.  Training twice a week, inside the gym and out, together or individually, setting goals, raising the bar –  Bec has always maintained a professional flexibility and every time kept it fresh and interesting.   My beautiful daughter went on to train for multiple long distance running events for a personal school project and I couldn’t be more proud of her fitness achievements.  Without Bec this would not have been possible – her encouragement and ability to bring out the best in both of us has been such a highlight.  We are both highly endebted to Bec for her positivity, commitment to us personally and matching us stride for stride as we aim for ultimate health.

Many thanks Bec, you are irreplaceable.

Kind regards, Karen Sainty



Started training with Rebecca in December 2010, when she was working at Swan Park Leisure Centre before moving over to Cottesloe fitness centre. I continued with Rebecca has my personal training until November 2011.

In that time, I find Rebecca well knowledge in the art of personal fitness and was a idea trainer for my needs, which were body weight, help strength and tone my body, Core strength and conditioning. 

These fitness techniques were also helped with the understanding of the nutritional advice, through a food diary which I would receive feedback and help correct good eating habits. 

Rebecca is a great teacher and she helped me become more aware in training and eating in the correct manner.  I’m grateful that I met Rebecca at the right time in my life in regards to being my Personal Trainer

Neil Harmon




“My husband and I trained together with Bec in Perth in the gym- we both needed to shift several year’s worth of stubborn weight, gain strength and relearn how to stay in control of our eating and fitness. Bec works her clients hard during her sessions, there is never a moment’s rest, it was exhausting, challenging but rewarding as the weight came off steadily- we have both been fit before but this was different. 

She is immensely positive, makes you believe you can push yourself and doesn’t take no for an answer.

If we could transport her back to the UK with us we would- we miss her! “

 Tessa x



A huge thanks to Bec for providing that motivating force to help me achieve my goals. I am a better person for taking the giant step, finding the best personal trainer with great guidance and encouragement. The journey has always been gratifying and welcoming.  I have lost 57kgs and 257cms and still going strong! I now have plenty of spark and enthusiasm, there’s no way you can stop me now! I have learned “to give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”!

Myra Mostert




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